Why Stop When You Don't Want To?

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Renata is a wife from Peru.

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So someone reblogged my photo to add a caption saying “look how edited it is you can tell by the arm bending because she tried to make her waist small”. It actually made my blood boil with rage that people actually still do that.

So I’m putting this here, with no waist.
Still a bend in my arm.

It’s called angles. My boobs fall to the side when I lay down so I push them with my arms in the photo so I don’t flat chested in some photos because hey I want to look boobilicous. Also I’m arching up to make my collarbones pop.

I know how to work my body and the angles to put it in. I know how to photograph myself with my phone.

So here’s to all the jealous people who will reblog that photo with that caption. 🍷

It’s called arm fat, and not having toned arms.


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I’ve been an unhappy little bear today 🌸 A long shower always cheers me up